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Sign the Petition to remove "bisexual" from Googles list of blocked terms



This is very important to sign. Instant search results affirm that we aren’t the only ones searching for a term. The word ‘bisexual’ is blocked, and despite over 40 million results, people think there must not be anything or anyone else out there unless they type in the whole word and press enter.

Imagine being a young bi person searching for support or resources. You may be afraid of the word “bisexual” lingering in your search history, so if you see no instant search results you’re less likely to risk hitting enter. Especially when you see tons of suggestions pop up for gay, lesbian, transgender, and even pansexual.

Google claims that the word “bisexual” is correlated to too much pornography, but that’s utter bullshit. The search “Gay Porn” has over 400 MILLION MORE results than “bisexual porn”, and the word gay is not blocked.

This is bi erasure. Plain and simple. 

This still needs over 500 signatures. C’mon, people! I have over twice as many followers. It’ll just take a second of your time. Sign this very important petition and pass it along! It may not seem like a big deal but it really is. Read more about the repercussions of this block here.

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